We are dedicated to promote health benefits without invasive procedures or expensive medications with side effects. We strive to provide the highest quality red-light therapy devices on the market. You have chosen the world’s most trusted at-home Red Light Therapy experience that has been professionally designed to optimize health through the power of concentrated natural light. EXESAS is rated one of the top in the world for Red-Light Therapy by Rolling Stone and Med-Tech magazines. 


We build our State-Of-The-Art LED red-light therapy devices using the most advanced technology and only use high quality premium materials. Our LEDs are 42mil with dual-chips where most of our competitors use 35 to 38mil single-chip LEDs, therefore, ours are much stronger and have a higher irradiance. Also, we use Meanwell LED Drivers which are used in professional grade Medical Equipment. Most other brands use inexpensive unbranded drivers. All of our panels have a user-friendly LCD control panel with automatic timer and stylish design. Our SP series also comes with a remote control, base stand and tempered glass covering the face of the panel for extra protection. You will get FREE lifetime customer support when you buy EXESAS.

EXESAS: High quality Red-Light Therapy panels